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By now you must have heard about The Body Coach – Joe Wicks? If not, he’s the #leanin15 guy who’s been all over social media lately. His HIIT workouts and lean food recipes have transformed people’s lives. Ours included.

UPDATE: Jan 2017 the Body Coach Fitness DVD is now available! We’ve got a copy and the review is here ūüôā

Joe's workout DVD is available from Amazon and all good retailers.

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Our Review of Joe Wicks The Body Coach Workout DVD

Joe Wicks Workout DVD review coverThe Joe Wicks DVD came out just before¬†Christmas and of course, it’s perfect timing. Now is the time we all look to lose some weight following the often rather over indulgent Christmas period. I’m the same, don’t worry.

If you’ve never seen or heard of Joe Wicks, he’s a personal trainer / nutritionalist. I¬†first saw him on Instagram where he posted some amazing recipes. It’s what set him on the path he is on now. His views on health and nutrition are very refreshing. It’s totally changed how me and my partner eat and live… without having to make too many sacrifices. We have two Children so NEVER get chance to go to the gym – but Joe’s 15 or 20 minute HIIT workouts (on youtube) and now this DVD have changed everything. Surely everyone can find 20 minutes in their day??

So the DVD… I have been following Joe and using his YouTube HIIT workouts for a few months now, so I jumped at the chance to own this DVD and see what it might bring.

The best thing about the DVD is that everything is in one place. On YouTube you have to keep flicking backwards and forwards to get to the video you’re after. Here’s its always accessible. It also helps hugely that it’s on the TV rather than an ipad or iphone.

7 Levels of Workouts

In the DVD as well as the warm up and cool down routines (essential for muscle stretching), there are 7 levels of workouts.

Level 1 and 2 are aimed at beginners and are the 15 minute workouts

Level 3 and 4 are aimed more for intermediate level workouts and last 20 minutes each.

Level 5 and 6 are for advanced workouts and last 25 minutes. These really hurt I can tell you!!

Level 7 is like the last level of a computer game. It’s the big baddy round. It’s a 30 minute workout and my word it’s tough!!

Is the Joe Wicks DVD for me?

It really depends on your level of knowledge and ability. If you suffer from joint problems then you should possibly try something else. The HIIT workouts are very intensive and you do need to move a lot.

If you are already up to speed with your workouts then you would probably want to look elsewhere as you may find these to be somewhat easy.

If however you are like me and my partner, we didn’t really know much about nutrition, what foods to eat and never exercised, then this is perfect for you.

If you’re still not sure, try some of Joe’s workouts on YouTube¬†before you buy his DVD.

What’s next?

If you don’t already have the books, I would recommend getting those too. They are packed full of recipes and tips from Joe about to maintain your plan.

There are three available. The first one to follow would be the RED book, then the blue and finally the green book (though we got all three at once you can do the same!). Check them out >>¬†lean in 15 books on amazon. They’re well worth buying!

Lean In 15 Book Covers

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Joe's workout DVD is available from Amazon and all good retailers.

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2 thoughts on “The Body Coach (Lean in 15) – Joe Wicks – Fitness DVD

  • 29th December 2016 at 11:52 am

    I agree that the DVD is really only for beginner to intermediate. However, if you are short on time, don’t feel too fit and healthy and traditional and don’t really want to dedicate hours doing workouts or have never followed a fitness dvd before this is the one for you!!

  • 3rd January 2017 at 11:51 am

    Massive Fan of Joe Wicks. This has some really good material check out his Youtube channel for more HITT Sessions too x


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