Charlotte’s 3 Minute Bum Blitz Review

As the title suggests, this latest release aims to help you lose weight and build a firm and shapely bottom.

Just like her previous Belly Blitz DVD, there are a series of 12 workouts altogether, each of which is just 3 minutes long. There are also some warm-up and cool-down exercises that you should do before and after your workouts.

This might not sound like much of a challenge, but these are extremely intense workouts that will really get your heart pumping and make you work up a real sweat.

Indeed you may well find that you can only do a few of these workouts per day to begin with because they are so physically demanding. That’s perfectly normal.

In addition to the 12 main workouts that will burn fat from your entire body, there is also a ‘Bum Blitz Extra’ section included on this DVD, which features 10 minutes of additional exercises that are specifically designed to give you a shapelier bottom. So you may well find this useful if this is a problem area for you.

A huge positive to Bum Blitz compared to Belly Blitz is that there is no talking and explaining the workouts at the start of each one. Bum Blitz gets straight into it, so even though there is no time to rest (like in Belly Blitz) it means that the workout is over quicker.

Blast off fat all over the body!

  • Burn butt fat super-fast – with killer cardio moves
  • Build up slowly 12 routines – all just 3 Minutes long
  • Get a bubble butt with 10 minutes of extra butt exercises

This DVD is a fab workout that really does work and it is great that you can make your own workout as small or big as you want.


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