Lorraine Kelly: Living to the Max (with Maxine Jones) DVD Review

Maxine’s workout session is life changing. People have lost unwanted fat and most of them are better off than previously. This indeed leads to a happier and healthier life no matter how old you are. Everyone is eligible to join the class if they think that they can bear what is being given to do.

This DVD is filmed live with Lorraine Kelly and few other girls from Maxine’s regular workout training sessions. This has been inspired with real workouts with genuine results for women of all categories. It is all inclusive. Maxine paves the way towards exercise with a good mix of dance and aerobics along with some great music to relax your mind. Burning calories and shifting fat would be nothing superior after you work with this. It is all about commitment you put onto this work and results are all yours.

Max’s energy will energise you through and force you to the max. The class is broken down into 3*20 minute workout sessions – Cardio Max session, Waistline Max Burn session, Squat to the Max plus the Max Warm Up and Cool Down session to finish things off. You are free to do the maximum Hour or just one depending on the amount of time you can use. There is even a bonus 20 minute workout for those who want further exercises. Once you are into the rhythm of it you can chose to work-out with the directions off and just have the relaxing music. Release your inner diva and join the class just like Lorraine Kelly did.

All it takes you is some time, commitment and a little bit of play on your television or the personal computer. You are never too old look fit and steady.

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Lorraine Kelly featuring “Living to the Max” (with Maxine Jones)
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