Pregnancy Yoga with Tara Lee DVD Review

NOTE: I was pregnant last year so got to review this DVD – I should add – with some scepticism. I hear of women doing Yoga when they are pregnant and at first, I didn’t agree with it – that’s just my view mind you. Having got this DVD to review, I decided to give it a go. I’ve done Yoga in the past and quite enjoyed it, so I set out with high (reserved) hopes for this one!

Throughout the years people have found and improved on ways to relax your mind and body. They have also found several ways to work their body and improve the fitness levels and strength of ones muscles. The most famous and effective method has got to be yoga. But one of the many issues is how to do it when you are expecting. There are many precautions that must be taken and done right. So that it won’t be harmful to your baby but also in a way that it will be helpful to you the mother.

This DVD addresses all these issue by providing you with many features and activities that you do without worrying about the health of you or your child. It is organised in a way that you can just do what you prefer for the time that you have available to you. It is done by Tara Lee who is famous for her yoga routines and work outs. Countless people recommend her productions as she is very descriptive and helpful. This is useful for all stages of pregnancy so you don’t have to worry about the timing. It consists of several breathing and stretching exercises that are specifically designed for pregnant mothers. The most attractive aspect is that you will be guided step by step with the help of visual queues as well. This allows you to do it properly just as Tara Lee intends to.

Don’t think twice, if you’ve ever wanted to do yoga but you are going through a pregnancy, purchase this DVD and you will know how to do yoga in a safe and yet productive manner. It will get you in shape which will aid in the birth.

UPDATE: Having given Birth to my second baby girl, I know this time around it was easier – but can I say it was because of the DVD? Who knows… but I did honestly feed better and more energised having followed the techniques on the DVD for a good few weeks. 

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